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Wedding Catering Trends That Are Hot Right Now

There are some things about your wedding that your guests will never forget. The food is one of them! In the age of Instagram, we are all obsessed with food. It’s got to look good and of course taste great! It’s no wonder that couples are feeling the pressure to choose something other than a traditional chicken dinner for their wedding catering.

Luckily, there are lots of ways to upgrade your wedding catering and as it’s one of the big things on your wedding checklist, it’s good to get thinking about your menu ASAP.

To help spark inspiration I’ve rounded up some top wedding catering trends that are hot right now. Trade in traditional menus for something that reflects you as a couple. From wood-fired pizza ovens to elegant grazing platters to sushi carts I’ve rounded up the best wedding catering ideas to suit every couple.

Tip: Before you make any big catering decisions, check with your venue about their catering policy. They may have in-house catering that they require you to use or have a charge for you to bring your own caterers in. Once you have worked out what you are allowed to do you can then get creative.

Interactive Food Stations

One of the biggest trends we are seeing on the wedding catering scene is interactive food stations around your reception or evening do, where guests are able to personalise their experience and food. It could be a pizza station where guests choose their own toppings or an interactive dessert station where guests are able to top ice creams and brownies with colourful and exciting toppings.


A great way to get the party started and for guests who don’t know each other to break the ice. It could be a prosecco station with straws, edible glitters and fruit purees or a Gin and tonic bar, with a selection of flavoured gins and mixers. Pick colourful, beautiful bottles and gorgeous glassware to create an elegant station that’s sure to wow your guests.

Wood Fired Pizza

This trend isn’t going anywhere! No longer just for rustic couples, wood fired pizzas are becoming a more popular choice for couples wanting to steer away from the typical wedding buffet for their catering. Whilst it may feel quite casual, wood fired pizza looks stunning and is always a hit with guests. Offer a few different toppings so your guests can pick their favourite.

Taster Menus

High-end restaurants are known for their taster menus where they showcase the best their chefs can do, and we’re seeing more and more couples opting to bring a bit of decadence to their wedding. A tasting menu takes your guests on a culinary journey through 6 or 7 smaller dishes, perhaps with a wine pairing per course. It’s a great way to show off your foodie credentials but it can also take up a lot of time. If you prefer a sophisticated option this may be for you.

Dessert Truck

Put your own twist on a traditional dessert table and opt for a dessert truck. Whilst we love the idea of an ice cream truck, the options are endless for bringing something different to your dessert option on your wedding. Consider doughnuts, freshly baked cookies, chuuros or s’mores. The sky’s the limit!

Grazing Platters

One of the best things about a wedding is bringing together two families. There’s no better way to do this than around grazing platters of well-presented and super tasty food. Picture platters of charcuterie and cheese or seafood to start, beautifully roasted joints of meat with all the trimmings for main and cheesecakes, gateaux and trifles or taster boards of all of your favourite dessert.

Sharing platters have many advantages – you won’t need centre pieces as the platters of food will take their place and the interaction of family style dining will get all your guests mingling as they pass food around between themselves.

Seasonal Snacks

Some couples are moving away from a huge sit-down dinner with 4 courses, in favour of lighter bites and snacks throughout the event. Selecting seasonal goodies can save couples a lot of money, compared to a formal dining experience.

With a more snack themed menu you can bring in lots of different options meaning there’s an option for everyone. You can have street food, sushi boards, platters, small hamburgers, salad bars, nacho stations and more. The options are endless – plus you’ll be able to choose all of your own favourites too!


While many couples have recently served individually wrapped meals due to Covid, I love the idea of preparing a little picnic to serve to your loved ones especially for a summer wedding. Present tables with a picnic basket filled with goodies for them to enjoy – from appetizers to entrees and desserts. This works particularly well for garden weddings, it will truly feel like your guests are out on a picnic!

Cheese Station

I know, I had you at cheese! Offer your gusts a mouth-watering selection of different cheeses complete with different items to pair them with. Ideas include crackers, freshly baked bread, vegetables, nuts, olives and meats. Serve it buffet style so that everyone can build their own platter.

Bao Buns

Highly Instagrammable Bao buns are becoming more and more popular as they are so event friendly. These wrapped buns are easy to hold and eat whether your guests are standing for cocktail hour or excitedly chatting at dinner. Plus, they’re an unexpected treat.

From trends to tradition, there are so many wonderfully creative ways to serve food at your wedding. Graze tables, self serve platters and food trucks are all popular trends that can be provided by a wedding caterer or by your own venue and make great picture moments on the day. Whatever you decide, speak to your wedding reception caterers who will be able to guide you to bring your dream day to life.

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