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Best Wedding Planning Tips for a fantastic and stress-free wedding

So, you did it, engaged and ready to settle down and tie the knot with the love of your life. It’s all incredibly exciting and then bam – the planning stage hits you!

I’ve heard many stories and talked to many couples about the overwhelm that can come with planning a wedding. Where should we hold our wedding? Who should I invite? Will I upset my mum if I don’t invite so and so? Which supplier should I hire first? How much should we spend?

Having been in the wedding industry a while and having been a part of hundreds of couples journeys I’ve picked up a thing or two about the planning process and whilst it can seem scary and overwhelming at times, planning your wedding is a really enjoyable time especially armed with a few expert tips and handy bits of advice. Here are my top tips for ensuring that you have a stress free time planning your wedding and an amazing day too.

Set your budget early

Once you have this set it will determine a lot of the day such as what kind of venue you would like, how many people you can invite and even what time of the day to get married. From here, you can then start to plan all of the other fun things and the things that will make your wedding unique.

Be yourself and decide what’s important to you

Read that again. If you have always dreamed of having a certain aspect to your wedding, whether it’s an orchestra or a horse drawn carriage or you’ve fell in love with a particular venue then go for it – and if you need to – make savings elsewhere. Also don’t feel that you need to have a particular element in your wedding day – just because it’s the norm. It’s your day, do things your way!

Trust your gut!

I speak to couples all of the time that get caught up in what someone in their family or friendship groups wants them to do. Whether that’s a well-meaning parent or a best friend. The day is about you and your partner and not about them and you should have the wedding you want! Trusting your gut also applies to the people you hire for your day. If something sticks out to you as a red flag – don’t be afraid to ask more questions, do some more research or walk away. You will always be able to find someone else who will make you feel at ease and comfortable with the vision of your day.

Hire suppliers that understand your vision and are excited to be a part of it

When looking for suppliers to hire for your wedding day be guided by their work and their style as to whether they are right for your day. You’ll usually get a feel of their work from their website, Instagram feeds or Pinterest but you’ll get an even better understanding of them, their business and ideas for your day if you have a coffee with them. Whether that’s virtually or in-person, no wedding supplier I know will turn down a coffee and the chance to talk through plans for your day and how they can enhance that experience. Picking a supplier that compliments the ideas you have for your own wedding will mean you get to work on something exceptional together.

Try not to get bogged down with all of the detail

The quicker you are able to make decisions related to your wedding through the planning process, the easier and more fun it will be. There are so many big and small decisions you’ll have to make, so as a couple, go with your gut. Don’t sweat on the small stuff. Go with what is best for you, make the decision and then stick with it.

Don’t sweat the small stuff

Weddings don’t have to be the epitome of perfect. No matter how planned your day is things can go a little wrong sometimes, for example rain when you’ve been expecting blazing sunshine. However it’s how you react to little hiccups that will make or break your day. Make up your minds that you are going to have a great wedding day – no matter what – and you will.

You don’t have to stress too much to pull off the wedding you have dreamed of. When you start your planning process communicate as a couple about your priorities for your day. When you have a theme and budget in mind other decisions come much easier.

Next, ensure that you do your research before hiring or signing contracts. If you are considering asking a friend or family member to tackle one of the wedding jobs, ensure that they are fully happy to help and that they are qualified to do the task.

Don’t forget to take a wedding-planning break when things get too overwhelming. A simple romantic date night can help bring your focus back on what truly matters and the bigger picture.

Finally, relax and enjoy your hard work. Don’t worry about things that you can’t control…. such as the weather! Focus instead on the reason why you’re celebrating – your marriage to your partner and the start of the rest of your lives together.

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