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Tips for planning the perfect Honeymoon

Your honeymoon is a well-deserved rest after the busyness of planning a wedding for the past year and a chance for the two of you to enjoy an uninterrupted week or two of married life – with no daily interruptions such as work or household chores to distract you. This trip is the opportunity for you to focus on each other as a couple and enjoy your new level of relationship – marriage! So yes – it’s fair to say planning your honeymoon may come with a bit more pressure than planning any old holiday and for this reason it pays to be prepared.

In this blog I’ll give you some great tips so that you’ll be well on your way to planning an amazing honeymoon!

Start Early

It’s best to start planning your honeymoon earlier rather than later. Yes it may be tempting to hold out for any last minute deals, however you may have to request holiday leave from work, may be visiting a country where you need vaccinations or a special visa, you may not get to go to your dream holiday destination and flights and hotels can become more expensive the closer it gets to you going. It’s not just about the holiday, but also the activities you’ll want to get up to on your honeymoon. If you’ve ever fancied a boat cruise, wine tasting, heading into the desert on dune buggies or going on an organised trip; these are becoming more and more popular too. Booking your honeymoon early will give you chance to research what your chosen area has to offer and book onto all of the things you want to do. Trust me, plan early… and it’ll give you a lot more time to get excited about all the great things you’ll be getting up to.

Consider when to take your Honeymoon

It’s no longer mandatory to whisk off on your honeymoon the night or day after your wedding. If you are planning on going away in a few weeks or months after you say your ‘I dos’ you could always plan a mini-moon in a posh hotel.

Tip: Let your hotel know you are newlyweds – they’ll probably give you an upgrade or leave a gift in your room if you are polite about asking!

When considering where and when going away you’ll want to consider the seasons at your chosen destination. I can’t give you the perfect travel times for every destination but here’s some examples that will give you an idea.

Try Thailand or the Caribbean in the months of November to May as typical summer brings monsoon season, which is best to avoid.

The Seychelles, Dubai and the Maldives are great year-round destinations. In Summer I’d recommend the Canaries, Greece, Santorini, Italy and the Mediterranean.

Think about your budget

With all the wedding planning you’ve been doing budgeting should be second nature to you by now! Your expectations for your Honeymoon are going to be largely determined by your budget. The sky is quite literally the limit on what you can spend on travel but you are able to get some great holidays and experiences on a budget too. It’s of course going to depend on the season you want to go away, how far you want to travel and how long you want to go away for – amongst other factors too.

Ask yourself the question: How much is our honeymoon worth to us? Is it part of our must-have-big-parts of your wedding? Is it going to be a once-in-a-lifetime-trip you’ll never forget? Is it your last opportunity to have a blow-out-no-expense-spared trip away before you start a family? Or is simply a relaxing end to your wedding? Consider this when determining your honeymoon destination.

Tip: Travel just out of season and you’re likely to take advantage of some great savings without having to compromise on the weather.

If you want to have fixed-costs for your honeymoon – book an all-inclusive deal. With an all-inclusive deal your flights, hotel, transfers, meals and drinks are all taken care of before you arrive meaning you’re less likely to feel tempted to make a splurge on upgrades when you arrive.

Tip: Need a bigger budget? Consider asking for some cash in place of gifts for your wedding. You are also able to purchases honeymoon experiences nowadays so friends and family who find cash a bit impersonal can still contribute to the honeymoon.

Think about using a travel agent

If you want extra guidance planning your honeymoon, travel agents can come in handy. They have inside knowledge of all the best areas to visit, discounts and extras you can book at your chosen destination. They’ll also save you time on research hunting out the best deals and flight times and have first hand knowledge of what to do and where to stay that will tick all of your boxes.

Schedule surprises

While it’s great to work with your other half when planning the honeymoon, try and sneak in a few little surprises that they aren’t aware of. More expensive or full day activities are best to plan together but planning a special dinner or couples massage in advance is the perfect way to add a bit of excitement and romance to your trip.

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