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5 Details That Add That Wedding Wow Factor

Updated: Aug 9, 2023

Drapped Ceremony

The ‘Wow wedding factor’ is something that most couples will want at least one element of their wedding to achieve. After all, you’ve both spent considerable time and money preparing and planning for this day – there’s absolutely nothing wrong with having a few magical moments throughout the day.

Whether you define that wedding wow factor as the breathtaking moment when your guests enter your wedding room or the exciting moments when guests uncover little surprises you planned for them throughout the day – wow moments can come in a whole host of ways.

Keep reading for 5 ideas that won’t break the budget but will have your guests talking for years to come.

1. Organise Amazing Transport

It’s often overlooked but your wedding transport can be a fun way to show off your personality and can easily become a Wow moment for your guests. Your budget doesn’t need to stretch to the transport for all of your guests if your budget doesn’t allow, but think about how you’re going to arrive at the ceremony and leave as a married couple. Will you want a quirky VW or a cooler vintage car? If you want to stand out from the crowd there’s wedding transport options such as converted tuk-tuks or get the drinks reception started early by arriving in a converted prosecco horsebox!

If you don’t have room in the budget for fancy transport you could see if a friend of relative has a car that they could loan you for your entrance or exit as newlyweds.

Bride and Groom

2. Use Photographs In Your Décor

It’s such a simple idea, however it’s one that is such a guest pleaser at wedding receptions - especially with your family members. There’s a number of ways you can do this one of the cutest ways is by having framed photographs of the two of you at different ages to correspond with your table numbers but you can also incorporate the story of your relationship and share some photographs of your guests on their own wedding days too.

3. Make It About You

Before you get caught up in creating a magical day for your guests, take a moment to strip it right back and look at what you both love as a couple. What’s your story? What do you want your wedding day to say about you both? Once you’ve got an idea on these elements it can be easy to weave special moments that represent the two of you as a couple throughout your day. From thoughtful gifts for one another, to subtle nods to holiday destinations or places you have travelled to throughout your décor wedding wow moments don’t just have to be for the benefit of your guests. Having a wedding day that totally encapsulates you both will ensure that the reason you and your guests are celebrating will be remembered throughout. A truly beautiful way to create subtle wow moment is to write your own vows to one another. The act of writing down how you feel about one another and sharing that with each other and your guests at your ceremony will create a beautiful moment that will create its own wow experience for sure.

Aside from the ceremony and having personalised wedding vows, you can have a monogrammed or personalised cake topper and monogrammed stamps for your wedding stationary to set the tone before your wedding day continuing the theme on your menu cards, place settings and other stationary for the day.

Sticking with the personalised stationary theme; you can also include a heartfelt note inside of your Order of Service or somewhere on show at your wedding that expresses your thanks for having your guests join you on your day and what that means to you. It’s the details like this that create the unexpected wow moments that your guests will remember.

Heading into the evening you can have your Reception bar name cocktails or drinks after personalised things that mean something to you as a couple. From pet names to the place you had your first date – the options are endless!

4. Write Personalised Thank You Notes

You can prolong that magical feeling from your wedding long after your day by sending personalised thank you notes to the guests who joined you at your wedding, any businesses you worked with who went the extra mile for you both and for anyone else who stepped up to the plate in your wedding planning hours of need. Writing personalised notes to each of your guests detailing a favourite memory with them and thanking them for their attendance will no doubt leave a lasting impression on your attendees – and definitely worth the effort!

5. Have After Dark Entertainment

It’s often said to leave the best until last – and although by the evening time the best part of the day will have already happened – your ceremony – there’s no reason not to leave the day on a high and add a wow-factor finish to your wedding celebrations.

Consider entertainment that works best as night falls such as fireworks or LED dancers or as a more budget friendly alternative you could lay on some wedding sparklers and have intimate drinks and toast marshmallows around a fire pit.

Heart Sparkler Picture

If you want to keep your guests on the dance floor you could arrange a simple balloon drop and if your venue has the capacity – see if you can have an outdoor dance area. You could bring out the party props such as glow sticks, or LED light wands and decorate outside with battery operated candles and hanging lanterns to party under the stars!

It’s the unexpected touches that keep your guests talking for years to come, I’d be happy to discuss how we can incorporate some extra wow moments to your wedding and surprise your guests. Send us a message and I’d be happy to discuss those added surprise elements.

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